Fractal mountain

Back in the spring of 1999 I implemented a fractal mountain generator in a Computer Graphics course at the University of Iceland, in C++ using OpenGL.

It was great fun playing with this and occasionally during the past years I’ve thought about doing something interactive based on procedurally generated mountains like this.  One idea was to port this implementation to WebGL, when that standard was introduced.  A few years ago, when looking again at this project, I changed the code so it would compile on Ubuntu Linux, but originally this was compiled for a then current Windows version (’95 or ’98 I guess).

Today I read that the visual artist who created a fake game for Her, a movie I highly recommend, has revealed a game created with Unity called Mountain, with „questions designed to be far more psychologically invasive than anything Facebook wants to know about you“ where you play as a mountain and answer the questions „by creating a drawing, which is then used to help create a procedurally-generated mountain“.  This resonates a bit with ideas Edda Lára and I have been kicking around, that we might use for our masters thesis project, though they have nothing to do with mountains.

That game will definitely go on my to-play list.  The past years I really haven’t actively played games but there are now on that list a few titles that I find very interesting; the not-so-much-of-a-game Dear Esther and Flower (on PS4 – I do seem to like exploratory games), and the platformer 140 are the only ones I’ve recently given a proper try so far, and I really enjoy those, but then are The Stanley Parable, Portal (2), FEZ and Flow (on PS4), and Antichamber (that I just bought on the current Steam sale – the thesis ideas mentioned have currently something to do with chambers), and I might go for the platformer Super Meat Boy – yes, we were just watching Indie Game: The Movie and I just purchased a copy of Us and the game industry, which is still on the to-watch list…  I really hope Journey will make it to the PS4; everything thatgamecompany does seems to be very interesting.

Update 2014-07-04:  Mountain is now available.

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